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BDA issues fresh DFT places warning

Dental Foundation Training (DFT) places must be found for the 107 UK final-year students and graduates who have applied for, but not yet been allocated, positions this year, the British Dental Association (BDA) is warning. The Association is arguing that sufficient places must be available by the time a second round of allocations takes place in the summer. ...more

UCL Special Grand Round on oral health - view online

Those who missed out on the University College London’s (UCL) seventh Special Grand Round on 10th October 2012 can now enjoy the entire event online. Simply download a video or audio podcast at iTunes U or view via the UCL website. ...more

60th Anniversary of the Eastman School of Nursing

The 60th anniversary of the Eastman School of Nursing (now the Education and Training Assessment Centre for Dental Nurses) was celebrated on the 14th May with an ‘open afternoon’ event. ...more

Kiwi dentist wins postgraduate prize at Salford

Pierre Gill has won the 2nd Annual Best Essay Prize on the Dental Implantology Masters Programme run by the School of Healthcare Professions at University of Salford. Pierre now works in Liverpool at the Peers Backstrom dental practice, although he originally qualified at Otaga in New Zealand....more

Promoting World-Class Expertise with CeramX

Continuing its extensive work with Dental Schools, Dentsply UK is giving students in the UK and Ireland the chance to be crowned the ?Best CeramX Dental Student in the World?. ...more

Dental Students? African Initiative sponsored by Dentsply

Eight final year Manchester University dental students who travelled to Kenya to deliver quality dental care to those who would otherwise have very limited, or no access to recognised dental treatment of any kind, were pleased to have been sponsored by Dentsply....more

Dentsply Supports Belfast Initiative

When the School of Dentistry in Belfast added rotary endodontics to its syllabus, Dentsply?s assistance enabled the purchase of 15 motors, rotary files and obturation kits. The Clinical Teaching Fellows were invited to attend a Dentsply Maillefer ?Train the Trainer? event in Ballaigues, Switzerland on October 11th /12th 2007....more

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