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Apolline - money well spent?

In todays economic climate your dental practice must strive to improve on all aspects of business, including quality, regulatory requirements and compliance, to help it reach full potential. You may need help to not only survive the downturn, but to thrive in it.

Don't forget your Associate agreement

Taking on a new associate can be an exciting experience for everyone involved but you will need to clarify everyone's duties and responsibilities on paper.

rhw Solicitors LLP new name, same quality

rhw Solicitors LLP as they are now known may have recently changed their name but they will still continue to share their expertise with professionals in the dental industry on a wide range of legal matters concerning dental practices....more

The importance of a legal Partnership Agreement

During these turbulent financial times, it is unfortunate that some small businesses may not weather the storm. In situations like this it is important that everyone within a partnership is secure should the worst happen. ...more

Assistance with Partnership and Expense Sharing Agreements

Dentists have several options when it comes to supporting one another in business. They might enter into a Partnership, in which profits, costs and liability are shared, or remain in control of their individual practices and share the cost of certain overheads with an Expense Sharing Agreement....more

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