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Bringing dentists and technicians together

Join the BACD as a technician and become part of the world’s largest association of cosmetic dental professionals. With technicians being an integral part of the aesthetic process, the BACD will help you to build a better relationship with your dentists for higher quality and more predictable work. ...more

DTS to run alongside Dentistry Show 2015

After the success of the newly-located Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) – the Dental Laboratories Association’s (DLA) flagship event – in 2014, the event is here to stay and will next run alongside The Dentistry Show on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April 2015....more

Two brand new apprenticeships

The dental industry can now look forward to two innovative apprenticeships for Dental Technicians and Dental Laboratory Assistants.These exciting apprenticeships are being developed under phase 2 of the Government’s Trailblazer project, and will offer a number of advantages to young people, businesses and the dental lab industry....more

Sparkle Dental Labs, now servicing Scotland

Sparkle Dental Labs have recently extended their scope of service to include dentists in Scotland who are looking for high-quality British workmanship at very competitive prices....more

Dentist discovers patient with 30-year-old bridge

A Newcastle dentist was surprised when recently treating a patient, to learn her established bridge was originally fitted thirty years ago by none other than Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, the discoverer of osseointegration....more

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