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The modern solution to endodontic clutter

Modern root canal therapy is a technically dependent procedure requiring ultrasonics, electronic apex locators, irrigation delivery systems, constant torque auto reverse electric motors... ...more

Welcome To EndoCare! The ultimate in patient care and specialist treatments now

EndoCare has firmly established itself as the leaders in Endodontic Care for both patients and referring dentists. Dedicated to providing the very best experience for patients, the highly skilled Endodontic Specialists combine the latest technologies with the human factor to ensure that your patients return to you pain-free and ready for work....more

Rotary Endodontic procedures embrace success!

Mrs ProTaper Universal lies at the centre of most successful Endodontic procedures in the UK*. Due to her unique shape, she cuts quickly ensuring efficiency, whilst maintaining flexibility, whether you are heading straight or into a curve. She doesn't mind how experienced you are, whether you are a GDP who hasn?t used her before or an Endodontist, she's high quality and easy to work with, ensuring excellent and consistent results every time. She's a true exception - let her be at the centre of your endodontic success....more

What makes QED's NEW irrigant range special?

QED have introduced a new range of irrigants and similar related products which will be extremely useful for every practitioner with an interest in Endodontics, from the specialist Endodontist to the general practitioner....more

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