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An Increased Patient Base with Munroe Sutton

General and specialist UK dentists in every field are invited to discover the Munroe Sutton Patient Referral Plan, and work with a team that has been helping dentists grow their patient base and increase profitability for 30 years. ...more

Win-Win Dental Plan Solutions

A solution that offers ?the best of both worlds? may at first appear to be too good to be true. However, with Munroe Sutton?s highly successful Patient Referral Plan, there is no catch. This innovative system has arrived from the US where Munroe Sutton has been helping dentists grow their profitability for 30 years. Indeed, over 69,000 dentists and 7 million US patients have chosen the Munroe Sutton dental plan....more

A fresh look with Practiceplan?s NEW Facial Aesthetics Plan!

An ever increasing number of dentists are now offering facial aesthetic treatments to their patients. Many dentists may think setting up a plan for such treatments would be the last thing patients are considering in the current financial climate, but it is it the perfect way to help your patients? budget the cost, encouraging regular attendance and providing an additional regular cash flow for the practice. ...more

15% below any quote for renewal or replacement insurance

When it comes to insurance, place your trust in the leading independent valuers and sales agents to the dental profession. Frank Taylor & Associates are offering 15% below any quote you have been given for renewal or replacement insurance*....more

90% Discount for VDPs

Dentists? Provident, the leading provider of income protection to dentists in the UK and Ireland, offers VDPs and House Officers a 90% discount on premiums throughout their training year. ...more

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