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Zesty - Making life simpler

Dentistry is an industry currently undergoing rapid transformation by the internet and services like Zesty are leading the way. Zesty is a new online booking service that focuses on generating new patient appointments for your practice. ...more

Apple Introduces MobileMe Internet service

June 9, 2008 Apple today introduced MobileMe, a new Internet service that delivers push email, push contacts and push calendars from the MobileMe service in the cloud to native applications on iPhone, iPod touch, Macs and PCs....more email accounts transferred

If you have an email address at please be advised that these accounts have been, or are being, transferred to a new server. To minimise any disruption, the accounts are being recreated to retain the same email address and password as held previously but they do have a slightly different username. You will therefore need to change the settings in your email software as follows:

Specialist dental ISP now offering fast broadband

Specialist ISP TheDentalWeb, long-time provider of Internet services to the dental profession and industry, now provides broadband connection speeds up to 8Mbps (depending on capacity and distance from exchange) and up to 448kbps upload. A 50:1 contention ratio means fast access with reduced bottlenecks and local rate dial-up access is available as a back-up in case of emergencies....more

Server upgrades planned - please read

In a constant strive to improve performance and functionality of our own and all of our hosted sites, we are updating our service by moving to faster, newer servers. Sites hosted by us will also be transferred as will all email accounts which will then receive dedicated access to a Tier 1 network ...more

Disgraceful Tsunami appeal hoax

We have just received this email - supposedly sent from the International Red Cross - which gives bank account details with the intention of soliciting funds for the disaster appeal. Be aware if you receive this - it does NOT come from the Red Cross so do not be fooled into making a donation to this account or replying to this despicable message....more

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