Show your cosmetic credentials with Accreditation from BACD

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is committed to promoting clinical excellence and high ethical standards in cosmetic dental treatment. As part of its mission the BACD provides a structured “career pathway” through cosmetic dentistry, giving members the opportunity to gain BACD Accredited status.

Dr Arun Darbar says:

BACD Accreditation is a truly self educating process, sometimes it may seem daunting, but it is achievable and raises the bar to the next level in standards of care for the benefit of your patients.

The Accreditation process has been especially designed to allow dentists and technicians to demonstrate that they have the ability to diagnose, plan and execute cosmetic treatment of the highest standard, and that this can be done safely, ethically and competently.

BACD Past-President and Accredited member Dr Julian Caplan says Accreditation has “set the ground rules for me to apply to all my future cases,” while Accredited Board Member Dr Donald Sloss says it has been “very worthwhile.”

To find out more about the Accreditation process, and how you too can enhance your cosmetic credentials, contact the BACD call 0207 612 4166, fax 0207 182 7123, email or visit