Two brand new apprenticeships

The dental industry can now look forward to two innovative apprenticeships for Dental Technicians and Dental Laboratory Assistants.These exciting apprenticeships are being developed under phase 2 of the Government’s Trailblazer project, and will offer a number of advantages to young people, businesses and the dental lab industry.

The Trailblazer in Dental Health is made up of leading industry experts and professional bodies, and is chaired by Mustafa Mohammed, owner and founder of Genix Healthcare and Sparkle Dental Labs.

The apprenticeships will increase employment opportunities for young people who will be able to earn whilst receiving quality training and instruction. Through these dedicated apprenticeship programmes, individuals can develop the necessary practical skills and experience they need to progress in their chosen careers.

Overall, both apprenticeships will significantly boost the national economy and UK dental industry, by providing first-class education and enhanced employment opportunities.

To get involved or find out how your business can benefit from these apprenticeships from the National Apprenticeship Service, please visit