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Date: June 23rd, 17:26

The demand for GDPs offering orthodontics for cosmetic purposes has dramatically increased in recent years and the treatment options available are increasing too.

The European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO) offers general dental practitioners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and experience of aesthetically focused orthodontics to aid in its provision.

Dr Nadim Majid, the Communications Director of the ESAO states:

At the moment there are a lot of companies that provide orthodontics and aesthetically limited orthodontics and until recently there didn’t seem to be an umbrella organisation that could offer unbiased advice and guidance for GDPs.

Our organisation aims to bring impartial training and education to those dentists who want to build upon their core knowledge of aesthetic orthodontics. The ESAO supports ethical dentists who wish to offer minimally invasive treatments, and also voices any concerns from dentists and patients.

For more information on offering aesthetically focused orthodontic solutions and for details of upcoming ESAO events visit www.esao.co.uk or email esao@esao.co.uk

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