Toothbrushes delivered direct to patient's doors
Date: August 27th, 10:28

As dental professionals we all know that our patients should change their toothbrush every three months or after illness. Unfortunately its just all too easy to forget! Thankfully (don't forget your toothbrush) is here to help. is a subscription-based delivery service for toothbrushes and other oral hygiene products, from some of the UK's most popular brands. For every patient that signs up, every three months they will receive a brand new toothbrush of their choice direct to their door. Not only does this remind them to change their toothbrush, but it also saves them money as well! But's benefits don't just stop there - for each purchase your patients make, your practice will receive 10% of the order value straight into your practice account! So keep your patients smiling, and contact today for the latest fantastic offers.

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