Mectron Piezo Smart Prophy Unit from General Medical

General Medical now offer the complete range of Mectron Prophy Units including the stand-alone Mectron Piezo Smart.

Compact yet powerful the Mectron Piezo Smart incorporates the latest technology and ergonomic design, enabling operators to concentrate solely on delivering optimised treatment; whether dealing with supra- or sub-gingival calculus, orthograde or retrograde endodontics or simple restorative treatment.

With its simple, safe and easy-to-use bottle system, the Mectron Piezo Smart enables operators to use various flushing solutions for optimised therapy without any risk of dripping or leaking. No need to plumb it in, simply fill the bottle, put it in place and off you go! Its easy-to-use touch-screen controls enabling operators to select the appropriate function ( endo, perio or scaler ) and irrigation flow rate.

The Mectron Piezo Smart features the latest ultrasound technology which recognises external influences and offsets them automatically to deliver constant optimum performance for every application, while its slimline handpiece is compatible with over 40 Mectron Inserts and fits comfortably in the hand.

Extremely competitively priced, the Mectron Piezo Smart is available for just £ 1451.74 plus vat.

For further information telephone General Medical on 01380 734990, visit or email