A simple way to remove chronic conditions
Date: December 17th, 14:16

S4S dental splint laboratory provides a comprehensive range of dental appliances and technology to treat and relieve common symptoms such as migraines, facial pain and tooth wear.

S4S understands that finding a solution to medical conditions that are detrimental to your patients’ daily lifestyle is imperative. If your patients are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with Bruxism, you could be in need of the NTI Tension Suppression System (NTI-tss). Presented exclusively by S4S, the device provides vital relief to frustrated patients in record time. This means a better night’s sleep for your patients after only twenty minutes chair-side treatment from you.

The NTI-tss prevents the molars and canines from coming into contact and stops the production of Nociception to the Trigeminal nerve that can arise at night. This simple device can provide an enormous amount of relief to patients and can be life-changing.

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