Tooth whitening or dental bleaching?
Date: July 24th, 14:01

What’s the difference between tooth whitening and dental bleaching? The British Dental Bleaching Society has the answer.

The phrase ‘tooth whitening’ may sound like a simple, cosmetic procedure to some patients, but they must not be fooled, as it is in fact the practice of dentistry. Encompassing diagnosis, evaluation, planning and performing the treatment, tooth whitening – or dental bleaching - is a dental course of treatment that should be provided by a qualified dental professional.

With ever more patient requests for sparkling white smiles, the Bleaching Society equips dentists, hygienists and therapists with the knowledge and expertise to provide first class patient treatment.

BDBS membership offers: • Comprehensive training and education for the dental team. • Support and guidance on legislation and best practice. • Networking with fellow members. • Free conference and dinner.

In addition, the BDBS campaigns on your behalf to clarify matters of the law. The Society continues to lobby for change to the European Directive on bleaching treatment by October 2012 to ensure patients have access to the best treatment and care.

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