Headaches and migraines cost a fortune
Date: March 20th, 11:42

Headaches, migraines and sleep disorders are costing the UK over £25 million a year according to figures released by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Bruxism – teeth grinding and jaw clenching – is a very common cause of such symptoms but is under diagnosed and therefore not treated effectively. The second Annual Bruxism Awareness Week, sponsored by the specialist compoany, S4S brings together leading dental experts and specialists in chronic pain relief to educate dental healthcare professionals about the problem which causes misery and discomfort for millions of people . The World Health Organisation estimates that headaches cost the global economy £140billion, afflicts almost half the adult population and in the EU alone results in 190million lost workdays.

Bruxism is caused by muscle hyperactivity that can be treated with the use of a nociceptive trigeminal inhibition - tension suppression system (NTI-tss) This occlusal device is worn by the patient at night and works by preventing the molars and canines from touching, thereby inhibiting nociception. The NTI-tss has been proven to reduce muscle activity, particularly the temporalis and masseter, thereby reducing muscular tension significantly.

Raising awareness among dental practitioners will enable them to discuss problems with their patients who may not realise that jaw clenching and nightly teeth grinding is causing the headaches, sleep deprivation and other discomfort.

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