Helping patients overcome their fears
Date: February 28th, 10:25

The UCL Eastman Dental Institute’s Fear of Dentistry Programme covers a total of 11 days over a six-month period and is designed to help practitioners understand the psychology of dental phobia and how to deal with these demanding patients in general practice.

It is suggested that approximately 50% of the British population do not go for regular dental checks and whilst it can be reasonably said that a portion of this is due to financial constraints, for many people it is because of a deep-seated fear of dentists and dental treatments.

Practitioners will learn about the emotional reasons behind dental phobia as well as methods of reducing patient anxiety such as medication, sedation and hypnosis.

The course will include advice on treating those people who may be particularly prone to dental phobia such as children and the disabled and will offer practical and transferable advice on helping them to overcome their fears.

Led by experts in the field, the Fear of Dentistry Programme will give practitioners the opportunity to present case studies in an informal setting and discuss various approaches to dental phobia with their peers.

It is hoped that attendance at this course will allow dentists to gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of the problems faced by dental phobics so that they can offer support and guidance in practice.

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