Glassman lecture launches Bruxism Awareness week

The organisers of Bruxism Awareness Week 2011, S4S pulled off a major coup by bringing Dr Barry Glassman to the UK to present an all day lecture at the Royal College of Physicians in London.

World renowned, not just for his clinical and academic work on chronic pain and bruxism but as a dynamic and inspirational speaker, he did not disappoint. Dr Glassman urged his audience to abandon notions of ‘fixing the bite’ and to concentrate instead on dealing with the ‘forces causing continual destruction and make them less destructive.’

Demonstrating the efficacy of an NTI-tss on reducing the force of teeth clenching by up to 70%, Dr Glassman told dentists that if they wanted to protect teeth, they must ‘follow the science’ and recognise that bruxism doesn’t start with teeth but ends with them. It is important to understand the ‘contracting and tethering’ muscle activity immediately prior to bruxism that can be significantly altered by ‘that little bit of plastic’.

Dr Glassman’s message was for dentists to unlearn some of what they’d been taught, ‘to accept there are some things we don’t know… and let science guide our art, otherwise it’s voodoo!’

The good news for people who were unable to attend on the day is that the lecture was professionally filmed and is now available as a verifiable CPD training option.

To order this DVD and course notes pack or to find out more about bruxism or NTI-tss, please contact S4S on: 0114 250 0176 or email: or visit