Dry mouth? Lubrication, not wetness, is the key
Date: December 22nd, 16:47

Frequently a side effect of prescribed medication or chemotherapy and radiotherapy, dry mouth is a common complaint among patients being treated for rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases , diabetes, HIV/AIDS and anaemia.

As many as one in five people in suffers from xerostomia or dry mouth. Xerostomia is not only a cause of considerable distress and discomfort, the lack of saliva increases the risk of caries, can be highly detrimental to oral health generally as well as impacting on the ability to chew, swallow and even speak.

Rather than simply wetting the oral mucosa, saliva lubricates and that is a key consideration in the treatment of dry mouth which is why many dental healthcare professionals recommend A.S. Saliva Orthana, the only natural mucin based saliva substitute and thus,very close to human saliva. The unique properties of A.S. Saliva Orthana assist accumulation at mucosal surfaces where it provides a physical protective barrier against desiccation, tooth decay, infection and acts as an effective lubricant.

Because it is pH neutral, A.S. Saliva Orthana avoids any unnecessary additional acidity in the mouth which can lead to soreness and further increase the risk of tooth damage. It also contains fluoride to protect teeth and is available to dental professionals and to their patients by prescription or over the counter.

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