Keynote to focus on bleaching

Dr Bruce Matis, the keynote speaker at next July’s BDBS AGM will remind members of the importance of ‘evidence based facts about tooth whitening’ and offer examples from his own pioneering clinical research using in vivo studies to determine any tooth deterioration post bleaching.

Studies carried out by Dr Matis, Director of the Clinical Research Section at the Indiana University School of Dentistry found no evidence in support of loss of micro-hardness in teeth in the mouth where saliva or pellicle offered protection. He has also investigated conducted temporary tooth sensitivity that affects between 50-75% of whitening patients and says dental professionals need to strike the right balance between the concentration of whitening agent and the length of time teeth are exposed to it.

Dr Matis is a leading expert in the field of dental bleaching and following a long career in the US military, accepted the invitation to join the dental faculty of Indiana University in 1993 – the same year that the US Food and Drug Administration lifted the ban on dentists using hydrogen peroxide. His work at the university, the American Dental Association and other prestigious bodies has put him at the forefront of academic and clinical research on dental whitening agents.

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