It's Bruxism Awareness Week 2011

This week is Bruxism Awareness Week and to support it, S4S are offering free marketing packs to dentists, providing everything needed to raise awareness of bruxism in their practice, to help hundreds of undiagnosed bruxism sufferers seek treatment.

Bruxism Awareness Week which runs from 24th – 30th October, was initiated to help raise awareness among both the public and the dental profession of a common, debilitating yet treatable condition.

Bruxism is thought to affect over 50% of the population to some degree but many people go undiagnosed because the headaches, neck aches, TMD and poor sleep quality with which it is associated are rarely recognised as being symptomatic of parafunctional hyperactivity and often not mentioned by sufferers to their dentist.

S4S is a specialist dental splints laboratory, used to dealing with bruxism and to offering fast, effective treatment options for the condition. S4S hopes to use Bruxism Awareness Week, not only to raise the profile of the condition, but also to help raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity dedicated to helping service men and women wounded in conflict.

If you would like to learn more about Bruxism Awareness Week or request a free information and promotion pack, please contact S4S on: 0114 250 0176, f: 0114 258 6670 or email: or visit