Create a better impression
Date: August 30th, 13:47

Creating bespoke crowns and bridges is an art form in itself. Whether you are taking a final impression, or just the preliminary mould, high quality, consistent results are vital.

CosTech Elite ®have used their 30 years’ experience to provide these simple steps on how to take a good impression and generate an exact and comfortable fit every time.

Do not prepare the mix-up too far in advance of the patient being in the chair to avoid premature setting. Ensure that the mix-up is correct: once set it should have hardened to have no soft areas, and there should be no marble effect. Impressions should be taken in one step with heavy body and light body (wash) together. This avoids the need to take the impression again, and ensures the patient is not in the treatment chair any longer than necessary. Make sure enough wash is used. If your wash and tray materials are from different manufacturers ensure you check the set times, allowing time for the slower-setting material to harden before removing the tray. Once the impression has been taken, check that the tray is not visible and look out for any drags or pulling

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