Why Choose Clearstep?

The Clearstep System gives clinicians more treatment options without having to invest time and money into years of specialist training or expensive equipment for the surgery.

After the initial training, practitioners can confidently treat a range of malocclusions using the ClearstepSystem. Comprising of five key elements, along with a range of unique appliances, such as the Clearstep Closing Screw, The Clearstep System offers more treatment options.

The clinician receives expert support and guidance at every stage of the process, whilst maintaining regular contact with the patient.

What’s more, using the ‘invisible’ positioners is an aesthetically pleasing orthodontic solution to the task of giving patients a smile they can be proud of.

With additional training, more complex cases, such as functional jaw correction in children can be successfully treated.

Reduce referrals, increase patient numbers and develop a new area of expertise by using the Clearstep System.

For more information call the OPT Laboratory & Diagnostic Facility on 01342 337910 or email info@clearstep.co.uk