Effective caries detection

The CarieScan PRO is 92.5% accurate at detecting both sound and carious teeth: a vital tool for any practitioner wishing to offer truly preventative dentistry.

Simple to use, the hand held device displays the results digitally or through a ‘traffic light’ system to indicate the presence and severity of detected decay.

By utilising innovative, non-invasive technology, the CarieScan PRO is able to detect variations in the impedance of a tooth, signifying the demineralisation of enamel caused by caries.

As a result, CarieScan PRO can detect ‘early’ caries lesions as well as more extensive ‘hidden’ lesions, which could be missed by other methods of examination. Since no X-rays are involved, the frequency of monitoring can be increased without any safety concerns.

The CarieScan PRO is an essential device for dentists wanting to detect caries in their early stages, giving them the means to offer truly preventative treatment.

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