Dry Mouth and Xerostomia relief

One of the most common complaints suffered by patients, often in silence, is dry mouth (xerostomia). There are three main elements to tackling the condition

These include prevention of dental caries, relief of symptoms and increase of salivary flow. Xerostom from Curaprox combines a range of natural ingredients to tackle all three, specially formulated to relieve dryness, soothing the irritation, whilst the anti-bacterial / anti-viral / anti-fungal properties protect the mouth from bacterial plaque. A study has also found that a seven-day course of daily use of Xerostom products led to a 200% increase in unstimulated salivary flow rates*.

Available in a range of products to suit individual preferences and needs of all patients, Xerostom has been specifically designed so a patient’s suffering can be easily alleviated, by decreasing thirst and relieving the pain from inflamed tissues, whilst gently cleaning and protecting the oral cavity.

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*Ship JA, McCutcheon JA, Spivakovsky S, Kerr AR. Safety and effectiveness of topical dry mouth products containing olive oil, betaine, and xylitol in reducing xerostomia for polypharmacy-induced dry mouth. J Oral Rehabil. Oct 2007; 34(10): 724-32.