Denticom launches the patient infoPoint System

Denticom is launching its new patient infoPoint system, a four dimensional system used to increase communication with the patient on several different levels.

The infoScreen system provides waiting room television that a practice can shape and control. The high quality screen displays information on the practice, special treatments, and “before and after” illustrations intermixed with news and quizzes.

In trial practices show that 90% of patients watch the screen and perceived waiting times are dramatically reduced. Anxious waits are turned into pleasurable ones!

In conjunction with infoScreen, the infoTouch system is also available - an easy to use, touch screen kiosk giving more in depth access to the information shown in the infoScreen. From this kiosk, the user is encouraged to register at is the ‘from home’ version of the infoTouch, giving all the relevant information about the practice and special treatments. The system can also be linked into the practice’s existing website.

The patient infoPoint system is a marketing tool that keeps a record of each user’s viewings. This can give a clear indication of the patient’s interest in order to create tailor made mailing lists.

For more information please call 0844 573 3000 or visit