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Create a better impression

Creating bespoke crowns and bridges is an art form in itself. Whether you are taking a final impression, or just the preliminary mould, high quality, consistent results are vital. ...more

A new approach to treating Xerostomia

Patients suffering from xerostomia can now find relief from dry mouth symptoms, thanks to a new line of specialist products from premium oral healthcare specialists, Curaprox. ...more

Why Choose Clearstep?

The Clearstep System gives clinicians more treatment options without having to invest time and money into years of specialist training or expensive equipment for the surgery....more

Effective caries detection

The CarieScan PRO is 92.5% accurate at detecting both sound and carious teeth: a vital tool for any practitioner wishing to offer truly preventative dentistry....more

Simple Steps for Treating Irreversible Pulpitis

For the effective management of irreversible pulpitis, and particularly effective in pulp exposure cases, Ledermix Dental Paste is an invaluable and trusted medicament for all dental practices. ...more

Dry Mouth and Xerostomia relief

One of the most common complaints suffered by patients, often in silence, is dry mouth (xerostomia). There are three main elements to tackling the condition...more

Easy to use SDR says Stamford dentist

Dr Alastair Bradley of the Oasis Dental Care in Stamford, Lincolnshire has been using flowable composites as a liner under posterior composites for some time....more

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