Smile On Makes a Success of Clinical Governance

Following the recent launch of its Clinical Governance Support Scheme (CGSS) programme, Smile On is delighted with the response it has received from over 400 Dental Practices up and down the country who are now working towards completion of the programme.

Clinical Governance is a framework for the improvement of patient care through commitment to high standards, reflective practice, risk management and personal and team development. It holds organisations accountable for safeguarding these high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.

The CGSS from Smile On gives practices a ready-made framework to develop national and local initiatives whilst also meeting the broader requirements of continuous quality improvements. The aim is to help dental practices become compliant with the NHS Clinical Governance agenda, educating and involving the entire dental team in the principles. Irrespective of whether dentists provide care through the NHS, they must still have a system for clinical governance in place.

The programme comprises of several elements, including a two hour introductory seminar in areas where 10 or more practices are on the scheme, an introductory manual and a Clinical Governance CD-ROM with interactive training in each domain. Completion of the programme allows dental practices to improve the patient experience and limit the scope for error by encouraging a culture of engagement and involvement of all team members.

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