Have you got an email address @thedentalweb.com?

PLEASE READ: Important announcement for anyone with an email address @thedentalweb.com

If you have one of the free DentalWeb email accounts such as name@thedentalweb.com please be aware we are MOVING THIS DOMAINto a new server so that we can provide a more fully featured service.

As the .com domain currently resides on a server running older technology we cannot see which accounts are in use and which are inactive so rather than transfer many hundreds of accounts including inactive ones we will instead create new accounts as required.

To ensure you are able to continue using your account @thedentalweb.com please contact us either by email or via the feedback form on this site and let us know the addresses which are in use. We will then transfer them to the new server so that all you will need to do is to change the Incoming Mail Server to pop.thedentalweb.org Please refer to the email section in the FAQ if you have any queries or are unsure how to make the necessary change or use the Support Forum. Please be aware that if you do not notify us your account will not be transferred. Please also be aware that any mail in your mailbox will not transfer so you must empty the account.

If we are your ISP and you are currently using our free dial-up service we will create a new dial-up account for you also. You will then use the number 0845 112 5000 and your Outgoing Mail Server will then be smtp.thedentalweb.org If you have Broadband, or use another ISP for accessing the Internet, the outgoing mail server must be set to whatever settings your service provider has given you. Please ask them for the appropriate settings if you do not have them.

Please note that the free dial-up accounts are for UK members only.

Once we have all of the accounts on the new servers, we will be able to offer a much improved level of service as well as various upgrades and features.

We hope this information is helpful and we appreciate your patience whilst we transfer these accounts. Don't forget you can also access your email online whilst on this site if you have one of the newer addresses such as name@thedentalweb.org or if we host your domain name.

If you don't have a free email address but you would like one, send us your details using the Feedback Form and we will set one up for you.