Free publicity for your dental events

Many of you already know that you can publicise your dental seminars, courses, exhibitions and other events by submitting details to our Events Calendar. But are you making the most of this opportunity? Here's a few tips to get your events noticed by more visitors.

The more information you give about your event, the more likely it will get found by visitors using the search facilities - and these search facilities now extend beyond this site to Google! There are many ways in which you can increase the liklihood of your event being seen by members and outside visitors by ensuring some key content is included. For example:

Location - If a visitor is searching for an event it is useful to know whether the venue is in the city centre, by a railway station, near a motorway junction etc so they can judge how easy it is to get to.

Country - Visitors often search for events by country - especially those based in Scotland, Wales, Ireland or in Europe or further afield. Always include the country in your listing and use England rather than UK for home based events.

Short Title - Dental events often have very long titles and there simply is insufficient space to show this in full other than on the event details page. If you leave the Short Title field blank your event will not show in the list of Upcoming Events on the Home page. However, the short title is just that - you have about 25 characters so make them count!

Postcode - Useful information to give if you have it as many visitors use GPS systems or online maps to locate the destination and need a postcode to find it.

Audience, Category - Visitors search by audience and/or by category so always ensure the correct ones are selected.

Other information - Include any other relevant information such as entry fees, special details or a more detailed explantion of the event.

Remember, all of this information is used when visitors search so the more detail you give, the more likely your event will be found.