Disgraceful Tsunami appeal hoax

We have just received this email - supposedly sent from the International Red Cross - which gives bank account details with the intention of soliciting funds for the disaster appeal. Be aware if you receive this - it does NOT come from the Red Cross so do not be fooled into making a donation to this account or replying to this despicable message.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the official Tsunami Appeal should go to www.dec.org.uk and make an online donation through the proper channels.

The amount of spam mail which is sent across the Internet increases daily, with bogus offers of viagra and other medication, fake designer labels, low interest rate credit cards and loans, pornography etc. The number of email scams is also increasing but this one has got to be the most disgraceful we have ever come across.

Please don't fall for it.

Update: We have tried tracing this mail but unfortunately it has been relayed through too many servers to be able to trace its origins. One thing is certain however - it is not from the Red Cross! We are taking action to try and ensure that no more of our members receive this mail but we can only do this with those whose domains we host or who have an email address @thedentalweb.org

Tip: Never reply to spam or junk mail - don't even click on an 'unsubscribe here' link - as this just confirms to the sender that they have reached a genuine email address. The best solution is to identify such mail as 'Junk' to your email software so that in future it 'learns' what to look for in junk mail and can move offending messages into a separate Junk folder - or immediately delete them, depending on your preferences. Alternatively, just delete them. As a responsible ISP we will never knowingly forward spam or junk mail or allow our servers to do so and take whatever steps we can to do our part in minimising this nuisance which just spoils the internet for everyone.

Note: Updated. Please read full story