Making a difference in Uganda

Earlier this year, UK dentist Pat Groves travelled to Masaka, in Uganda, to deliver essential treatment. Armed with a basic kit, plus toothbrushes supplied by Curaprox, she set about making a difference to hundreds of children.

Pat is self-funding, so donations are essential. With no running water or electricity, she had to get back to basics.

I extracted over 250 teeth in the time I was there – more than in my whole career in the UK! The children without sponsors were using a twig to brush their teeth, so you can imagine how well the toothbrushes I was given by Curaprox went down.

I’d see children in pain, I’d take their teeth out in the morning and by the afternoon they were playing for the first time in months. It was incredible.

Pat is returning to Uganda in October to continue her work. She is wished every success, both in obtaining more donations and in carrying out such important work.