Cover your practice with a bespoke lease agreement

Make sure that your practice stays within the legal confines of your lease agreement by having Goodman Grant draw up a bespoke commercial lease especially for you.

Standardised commercial leases can have many restrictions that won’t allow a dental practice to function efficiently. The storage of specialist equipment and restricted drugs, allowances for a third-party occupant in the form of an associate, and your VAT-exempt status as a dental practitioner should all be considered and covered in your lease contract. These are the kinds of legal concerns that a standard commercial lease may not offer you.

Goodman Grant has a reputation for providing quality legal advice within dentistry. With this crucial and specialist knowledge, Goodman Grant’s team of solicitors can draw a bespoke commercial lease to your specific requirements as a dentist. This way, you can rest assured that practicing within your rented commercial space will not inadvertently lead to a breach of agreement or termination of contract.

Call Goodman Grant to take advantage of the assurance and the benefits that a bespoke commercial lease can provide, on 0151 707 0090 or email