Bovine bone graft material with natural atelocollagen

Hypro-Oss is a prion-free natural bovine bone graft material consisting of 70% hydroxyapatite and about 30% pure crystalline Type 1 atelocollagen in its natural state.

The patented lyophilisation (freeze-dried) process produces safe osteopromotive non-immunogenic graft material which initiates differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts and activates platelet aggregation and the release of growth factors. Combined with its hydroxyapatite scaffold this also makes it osteoconductive enhancing the proliferation rate of osteoblasts.

Consequently, unlike sintered bovine products, Hypro-Oss provides a natural substrate for bone tissue regeneration and repair generating complete conversion to new bone. The bacteriostatic effect of atelocollagen protects the graft site from infection and the natural crystalline structure guarantees long-term dimensional stability.

Suitable for use in implantology, periodontology and oral surgery Hypro-Oss is available in two particle sizes (0.5 to 1mm and 1 to 2mm) and a wide variety of volumes (0.5ml, 1.0ml, 3.0ml and 5.0ml). To complement Hypro-Oss the manufacturers also offer Hypro-Sorb M & F membranes. All of which are extremely competitively priced. General Medical are exclusive UK Distributors for the complete range of Hypro-Oss bovine bone graft materials and membranes.

General Medical also offer a Buy Any 5 Get The Lowest Priced 1 Free Deal on the complete range, which makes them even more competitively priced.

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