Apprenticeships essential to Britain’s long-term economic plan

It has been a good year so far for apprenticeships, as hot on the heels of National Apprenticeship Week was George Osborne’s Budgetary pledge to double the number of apprenticeships. Osborne said: “The reform of schools, universities and apprenticeships is probably the single most important long-term economic policy we’re pursuing.”

The government’s Trailblazers initiative leads the development of British apprenticeships. Mustafa Mohammed, owner of Sparkle Dental Labs is chair of the Dental Heath programme. Along with other organisations, he’s working tirelessly to protect the future of the British dental industry by rebooting current apprenticeship standards to create schemes that are written by employers for employers – schemes that are more rigorous and ambitious than ever before.

Sparkle Dental Labs is joined in the Dental Health Trailblazers programme by a number of high-profile organisations – these include Oasis Healthcare, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, CosTech Elite Dental Lab, the Dental Laboratories Association and the Dental Technologists Association.

Mustafa is calling on dental practices to come onboard. To find out more about Trailblazers and how your practice could get involved, contact Mustafa Mohammed via For any additional information please call 0800 138 6255 or email or visit