Could hypnotherapy help your practice?

Alexia Bojéa, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a qualified Clinical Hypnotist, with over 20 years experience in training dental teams throughout the UK, seems to think so

Alexia will be among those speaking on the subject of clinical hypnotherapy within the Dental Business Theatre at The Dentistry Show 2014. One of an array of world-class speakers who will be presenting in the various lecture streams, demonstrating some of the latest ideas, opinions, materials and techniques in the profession, Alexia believes that all dental practitioners should consider offering clinical hypnotherapy within their practices, suggesting all those interested in learning more should attend her lecture, which promises to be a captivating affair for all who attend, saying:

There’s a great deal of misunderstanding about hypnosis, and I think the popular view of the subject comes mostly from television or stage shows. But actually, hypnotherapy is an incredible therapeutic tool – it’s completely safe, it’s non-invasive, and it gets rapid and effective results

The Dentistry Show 2014 will take place on 28th February to 1st March at the NEC in Birmingham. For more details please visit call 020 7348 5269 or email