The predictable way to extract teeth

General Medical has recently introduced a new set of Molar Physics Forceps specifically designed to facilitate easier extractions of 6s, 7s and 8s, featuring a slimline buccal buffer for easier access there are just two forceps in the set.

One designed for the Upper Left and Lower Right Quadrant and one designed for the other two. For added flexibility the New Molar Physics Forceps can also be used to extract teeth palatally when palatal caries makes a conventional buccal extraction more challenging. Physics Forceps enable dentists to extract teeth quicker and with less trauma for the patient. A real practice builder, they dramatically reduce the amount of time required to extract teeth and make the whole procedure much more comfortable and pleasant for both the operator and patient.

They have a revolutionary 'beak & bumper' design that enables dentists to extract teeth using wrist movement only. Dramatically reducing the stress and strain experienced by patients they also help preserve the buccal plate of bone, which is vital for the patient’s long term dental health and success of future treatment options including dentures, bridges and implants.

Physics Forceps are supplied with a training DVD which explains the quite different, but very easy to learn, Physics extraction technique. They are also supplied with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee ( subject to restock charge) and a 10 year warranty following customer registration.

The standard Physics Forceps and New Molar Set can be purchased as a Combi-Set ( 6 instruments ) at a special price for a limited period. For further information telephone General Medical on 01380 734990, visit or email