Number of dental technicians continues to fall

Ten years ago there were more than 12,000 dental technicians operating in the UK. Today there are a mere 5,000 and that figure is depleting by more than 200 a year.

With its state of the art laboratory in Leeds, Sparkle Dental Labs is hoping that it can attract a new generation of technicians with the aim of reinvigorating the UK's waning dental technician trade.

With a high frequency of lab work now being referred to overseas laboratories, Sparkle Dental Labs are hoping to regain the interest of dentists in home grown dental products by ensuring that they are of the highest quality and are reasonably priced.

As one of the only dental laboratories to be recognised with MHRA, DAMAS and ISO quality assurance marks, you can be sure that Sparkle Dental Labs are working hard to bring you the very best dental products from a team of highly skilled technicians.

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