Cutting-edge digital imaging from Clark Dental

With a reputation for superior customer service, Clark Dental is dedicated to offering the highest quality products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Among its product range Clark Dental stocks hand-held x-ray and systems now with WiFi.

For outstanding, high-quality images to meet the diagnostic needs of every clinician, the Schick Digital Imaging System is the ideal solution, and is now available with WiFi for added portable functionality. This new addition allows for simple room-to-room transfer, and complete 360-degree chair access, unhindered by trailing wires and other unnecessary complications.

For practices seeking to expand their range of imaging options, the NOMAD Pro hand-held X-Ray is ideal. The NOMAD Pro is an easy to use hand-held X-Ray system that produces images of exceptional quality. Due to its highly portable nature the NOMAD Pro is particularly suited for use with children, the sedated and patients with special needs.

Among Clark Dental’s most popular systems, the Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG range includes 3D and 3D-ready models that are fully upgradeable to future-proof the technology, making the ORTHOTHOS XG the perfect investment for the modern dental practice.

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