Florida Probe - helping treatment acceptance

The ground breaking electronic probing and charting system, Florida Probe, is proving invaluable for patient records and documentation and can be used by a single operator to carry out an accurate and thorough periodontal examination in less than ten minutes.

The Florida Probe records an individual periodontal chart that, over time, can be used to monitor a patient’s oral health. This information can also be the basis from which to develop a treatment plan that, combined with the patient diagnosis sheet, becomes an invaluable clinical and legal record of informed patient consent.

The Florida Probe is unique in that it exerts a constant force regardless of the strength or pressure applied by the operator. This ensures greater accuracy and reproducibility across the dental team, whoever is using the probe.

The Florida Probe is just one of a comprehensive range of smart products, available from Clark Dental whose reputation for customer service is peerless and their expert team will be more than happy to demonstrate the Florida Probe System.

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