Celebrate with DMG's 20th birthday special offer

To be successful internationally for 20 years is quite a remarkable achievement for a temporary crown and bridge material, but DMG's Luxatemp can lay claim to that. To celebrate they are offering a 20% Birthday Celebration Discount

The discount is valid on all the products listed on www.dmg-dental.com/luxatemp-promotion. Offer ends 30th April 2013.

The Luxatemp range of bisacryl composite temporary crown and bridge materials, market leader in the USA since 1997, can look back on a long history of the highest accolades. Multi-award-winning Luxatemp-Fluorescence, predecessor of today's Luxatemp Star, was acclaimed Top Provisional Material and Best of the Best*; Luxatemp Star, the new generation, has already been awarded the highest possible rating of 5 stars by REALITY, an independent testing lab in the USA**.

During its assessment Luxatemp Star received top marks for fracture resistance and flexural strength, which help ensure its reputation for dependable stability and durability. Long-term shade stability has also been optimized. What's more, Luxatemp Star attains its final hardness in just 5 minutes, making it even faster than its predecessor.

For further information contact your local dental dealer or DMG Dental Products (UK) Ltd on 01656 789401, fax 01656 360100, email info@dmg-dental.co.uk or visit www.dmg-dental.com

* The Dental Advisor, Vol. 28, No. 01 Jan/Feb 2011, Pg. 9 **REALITY now, Oct 2011, No. 228, Pg. 1 ( Luxatemp Star is sold in the USA as “Luxatemp Ultra” and was also tested under this name).