Apolline - money well spent?

In todays economic climate your dental practice must strive to improve on all aspects of business, including quality, regulatory requirements and compliance, to help it reach full potential. You may need help to not only survive the downturn, but to thrive in it.

Apolline is the first UK company exclusively dedicated to offering tailored, practical support to dental practices on issues involving business practice and regulatory compliance. Apolline's highly experienced, professional management and practice advisor teams will help your practice flourish. After recruiting Apolline to help arrange and focus his practice, one satisfied dentist says he regrets not having engaged them sooner, as it would have removed this underlying, nagging stress that the unknown nature of the CQC visit brings. He feels that the work they did and the follow-up support was excellent. To prove how effective the plan was he able to turn things around in the two weeks between inspection and the CQC visiting.

For additional information or help and advise on a business issue please call Apolline on 0114 209 6250 or visit www.apolline.uk.com