The modern solution to endodontic clutter

Modern root canal therapy is a technically dependent procedure requiring ultrasonics, electronic apex locators, irrigation delivery systems, constant torque auto reverse electric motors...

...and a large number of wires, foot pedals and clutter, says endodontist Simon Cunnington.“The ASI delivery system is the 21st century solution to these problems. With excellent technical support, the individual practitioner can contribute specific requirements. The carts can house all of your endodontic apparatus, plus built in air compressors, suction and a closed water supply from just one standard electrical outlet. They can accommodate either left- or right-handed individuals. The sophisticated design would compliment any dental surgery and is easy to clean. Not a week goes by without a patient commenting on how “space age” my surgery appears,” he says.

Having owned an ASI cart for three years without fault, Simon is supportive of the range and the service he received when ordering it from Clark Dental.

“I had a specific IT requirement and the company added individually designed features for my monitor, tablet and keyboard,” he adds. “It has proved incredibly easy to maintain and is very reliable. The design team strives continuously to improve the models and with some envy I note the range now includes suction handpieces, micro evacuators and irrigators as well as the IrriVac. Most patented systems are easily incorporated.”

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