All schulke products are chlorhexidine-free

The Medical Device Alert issued by the MHRA in October, has caused many dental professionals to re-evaluate the products they use in the dental practice.

With several reports reaching the MHRA of patients suffering dangerous anaphylactic reactions to the chemical chlorhexidine, a warning has been issued across the UK healthcare industry.

In light of recent enquiries, infection control expert schülke would like to confirm that none of its products sold in the UK contain the active ingredient chlorhexidine in the finished formulation, ensuring all products are safe to use. The full schulke product range includes wipes and liquids scientifically proven to be effective against a wide spectrum of infections and diseases. With the new schulke Plus Rewards Scheme, dental practices can also make significant savings on repeat purchases. To make sure you are protecting your patients from dangerous infections, without putting them at risk of harmful substances, trust schulke for all your infection control needs.

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