When a change is better than the rest.

Dental surgeon Dr Jonathan Tan began exploring potential replacements for the radiography system in his private practice in London’s Chelsea when he was faced with replacing a vital component in his old version for the fourth time.

Patients were damaging the cable to the sensor by biting on it as images were taken. “It cost over £4000 for a new cable, and each one was lasting for four years or so,” says Dr Tan.  

When he learned of the Schick Exchange deal from Clark Dental, which lets clients trade in their old sensors when switching to Schick, Dr Tan realised he could get an entirely new system for less than the cost of replacing a cable in his old one. “And I got two cables included in the price. So for me it was certainly a better option,” he says.  

Equally impressive was the customer service and after sales care received from Clark Dental. “The service Clark Dental provided was really on the ball. They gave me dates, and they kept to them. People arrived on time and they knew what they were doing. They were all top notch. It is a delight to have somebody come to your surgery who really knows what he is doing.”  

When Dr Tan later updated his computer, Clark Dental engineers were at hand to reinstall the necessary software for the Schick system.  

“Not only is it cheaper, but I am getting a far better image. So I am actually seeing things much clearer because their software that makes the picture clearer is far better than what I had before,” says Dr Tan.

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