Hands-on restoration for Manchester dental students

A group of second year undergraduate students has benefitted from hands-on experience of Ceram.X Duo ceramic composite, using the dual layer composite to build up a severed incisal edge on student tooth models.

The University of Manchester students enjoyed a lecture and three practical sessions presented by DENTSPLY Key Account Manager Simon Abbey. Simon joined University of Manchester Clinical Teaching Fellow Dr Daniela Lai, who helped the students achieve maximum benefit from the practical sessions.

Dr Lai assisted the students as they practised with Ceram.X, using dentine and enamel shades of the product to build their restorations. “They had only used single layer composites so far, and have just started with layering technique, drilling and restoration,” said Dr Lai. “They found it enjoyable and exciting to use a dual layer composite; they appreciated the aesthetics that could be achieved by restoring the tooth in this way without the need for replacing with lab work.”

Ceram X is characterised by its resistance to crack propogation, natural aesthetic and simple shading concept.

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