Dentist discovers patient with 30-year-old bridge

A Newcastle dentist was surprised when recently treating a patient, to learn her established bridge was originally fitted thirty years ago by none other than Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, the discoverer of osseointegration.

“The patient was an English lady called Mrs Rita Qvanstron who had previously lived in Sweden and had restoration work performed there,” says Dr Wain. “It was such a joy to look in the mouth of this lady, recognise the work and know what to do. When she told me the age and history of the bridge, it was amazing!”

Dr Rob Wain is the Clinical Director of Dovetail in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, a practice that has extensive experience in referral implant work, rehabilitation and Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4TM.

“The fantastic thing is that it’s still an available product,” says Dr Wain. “I was able to get the right fitting screws and fix it in minutes. Thirty years on and she’s still got fully functional fixed teeth!

“It was an honour to have handled a bridge provided by Professor Brånemark himself, quite a humbling experience.”

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