Extracted teeth can aid aesthetics

One of the most fascinating sessions at the Dentistry Show 2012 promises to be Ian Smith’s presentation in the Aesthetic Technician’s Conference.

He is a Master Ceramicist, and is uniquely based in a dental clinic where he and the dentist run shared consultations. Ian’s presentation will focus on one of his own most aesthetically challenging cases in which a single central implant crown was made perfect, despite a high lip line by using the patient’s own extracted tooth and Ivoclar’s IPS e.max – or lithium disilicate.

The practice of using the patient’s own extracted tooth to fabricate a customised e.max abutment is ground breaking but Ian Smith believes there are significant benefits;

“ When a tooth is extracted in order to make space for implants, the soft tissue collapses around where the root was. The root is a natural shape and is organic so can be used to create the exact abutment shape which of course, means that all the tissue around that tooth is supported as naturally as it would have been before the extraction.”

The session will also look at the challenges posed by tooth whitening treatments and the importance of surface texture, colour shades and attention to detail in creating teeth that look as natural as possible.

The Dentistry Show is at the NEC, Birmingham March 2nd and 3rd 2012. For more information, please visit www.thedentistryshow.co.uk , call 020 7348 5269 or email info@thedentistryshow.co.uk