Challenge facing dental lab technicians

The Dentistry Show prides itself on its wide appeal to all members of the dental tem and the 2012 Show is no exception with sessions designed for dentists, nurses, hygienists and therapists and dental lab technicians.

UK Dental laboratories are facing tough competition from abroad but Derek Pearson’s programme for Dental Lab Technicians offers a series of independent presentations and case studies on latest trends, techniques and technologies.

He says this knowledge is vital if UK labs and technicians are to remain competitive , “With pressure mounting on the UK’s dental technical profession to offer a viable alternative to overseas competition, and in some cases the actual role of the technician changing within the dental team, it is essential to stay abreast of developing technologies. New techniques and materials allow laboratories to produce precise restorations faster and with greater aesthetic quality.

Although there may presently be a lull in cosmetic dentistry thanks to the current economic situation, when people once again start to enjoy financial stability, labs will be called on to match patient demand for better and more realistic prosthetics.”

Throughout two days, the Dentistry Show offers a range of essential education, hands on learning, live demonstrations and a wealth of stimulating conversation and of course, the chance to catch up with colleagues, old friends and new faces.

The Dentistry Show is at the NEC, Birmingham March 2nd and 3rd 2012. For more information, please visit , call 020 7348 5269 or email