Perfect prosthetic production

The NobelProcera system from Nobel Biocare, with its patented conoscopic holography scanner and software, has revolutionised prosthetic production for laboratories.

Clinicians are able to harness cutting-edge technology to meet the vast scope of modern dental restorations and produce consistent results of superior quality.Utilising the latest CAD/CAM software, NobelProcera has an intuitive graphical user interface, which guides technicians through each stage of the restoration design process with ease. The user-friendly system negates the need for time-intensive training, allowing clinicians to reap the benefits of the technology almost immediately.

NobelProcera features conoscopic holography scanning, an advanced technique that is able to exactly reproduce the shape of complex objects in 3D. The software also stores a variety of base template designs, has an extensive tooth library and benefits from an automatic defect detection warning system.

Technicians are able to work with a wide range of products and biocompatible materials to find the ideal restoration for each individual patient. Solutions encompass natural tooth and implant-retained restorations, while substances such as acrylic, non-precious alloys and zircona can be used for optimum clinical and aesthetic results.

The NobelProcera system is highly accurate, simple to operate and easy to integrate into any laboratory, providing a perfect fit for all clinicians’ and patients’ restorative needs.

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