BDA Expert coming to dental surgeries in England

A completely new service that offers peace of mind in practice management has been officially launched at the 2011 British Dental Conference and Exhibition held in Manchester.

BDA Expert is a new practice management solution from the British Dental Association that will automatically inform subscribers of changes to regulations, protocols and other practice requirements with which they need to be up to date.

Subscribers to the service will initially receive a CD Rom that contains all of the content featured in the BDA’s Practice Compendium, Clinical Governance Kit, Good Practice Self-Assessment Programme and CQC Support Kit, and more. They will additionally receive regular electronic updates alerting them to important changes in regulatory requirements, together with updated template contracts, model policies, protocols and procedures, helping them stay up to date with the latest requirements of the General Dental Council, Care Quality Commission and other independent arbiters.

Peter Ward, Chief Executive of the BDA, said:

“BDA Expert is a major step forward for the way that busy dentists keep up to date with the latest requirements, supplying them with the protocols and models they need to comply with changing legislation. It offers a proactive approach that takes away the anxiety of wondering whether you’re up to date with the latest developments by providing regular updates direct from the BDA’s trusted experts. It will be like having a personal visit from the BDA team every time that regulations and requirements change.

“It means dentists can stop worrying about whether they are complying with the latest guidance from this quango or that regulator, and concentrate on what they do best; caring for patients. This isn’t so much a product or service, as peace of mind.”

BDA Expert has been launched at the 2011 British Dental Conference and Exhibition which is taking place at Manchester’s Central Convention Complex. BDA Expert is available exclusively to BDA members at £299 plus an £11 per month subscription. Previous purchasers of the many products which it replaces are eligible for a 50 per cent discount on the initial fee. For further details and to order your subscription to BDA Expert please visit: