Setting up a squat? Seek expert advice

Retaining the services of dental expert solicitors can help you realise your dream whilst steering you around the pitfalls.

With total flexibility to create a unique practice that reflects your own vision, instead of inheriting someone else’s there is understandable enthusiasm on the part of many dentists at the prospect of setting up a squat practice. As with any major undertaking, doing so can be riddled with potential hurdles and technical wrangling so hiring the help of an experienced legal expert can become an invaluable advantage.

Solicitors who are experienced in the dental field can navigate the complexities of setting up a squat practice, so that dentists are able to focus on their primary concern - treating patients. Instructing a solicitor to help with the legal aspects also means more time to focus on other elements that need consideration such as staffing, uniforms, opening times and equipment.

Goodman Legal, Lawyers for Dentists, is a team of specialist solicitors who can offer practitioners nationwide advice and assistance on the process. They are able to assist in all of the various aspects, and will provide invaluable support and peace of mind to you throughout. For more information please contact Ray Goodman on 0151 707 0090 or email or visit